Andrew Jones Photography
Orca Twilight, Vestfjorden, Norway, by Andrew Jones

Orca Twilight

Vestfjorden, Norway

Technical Details

Velvia 50 (pre 2007) Film

Canon 100-400mm 4.5 L IS

Exposure not recorded

"Minutes earlier I had given up hope of seeing any orcas (also known as killer whales), as the day's light was starting to fade. We had spent the last 4 hours searching the fjords around Tysfjorden in northern Norway. It was quite disappointing that there had been excellent light for photography all day but we hadn't seen the whales we were looking for. However the evening light and the setting under which we did eventually see the whales certainly made up for that. We spent the next 30 minutes following this small pod of whales against the spectacular backdrop of the mountains that surround Vestfjorden. At times it was difficult to keep up with the fast travelling orcas in our inflatable boat."