Andrew Jones Photography
Polar Bear, Arctic Ocean, Svalbard, by Andrew Jones

Polar Bear

Arctic Ocean, Svalbard

Technical Details

Fuji Sensia 100 Film

Sigma APO 500mm

Exposure not recorded

"This male Polar Bear was the first of 7 that were found roaming the sea ice off Kong Karl's Land, a small archipelago set on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. The yellowish summer coats of the bears made them relatively easy to pick out against the bluish white of the sea ice. This particular individual sauntered alongside our boat for over an hour. This picture is one of my favourites as it shows the Polar Bear patrolling against the back-cloth of the endless ice ridges and leads of the drift ice. This also coincided with one of the few occasions when the sun came out. The islands of Kong Karl's Land are the primary pupping area for Polar Bears in Europe. The steep sided mountain slopes are used for the winter dens, the small islands providing easy access to sea ice which in this area can be found throughout most of the year."