Andrew Jones Photography
Kestrel and Kill, Garden, Hampshire, by Andrew Jones

Kestrel and Kill

Garden, Hampshire

Technical Details

Canon 20D DSLR

Canon 100-400mm 4.5 L IS

310mm focal length

ISO 800

f /5.6

1/200 second

"The loud alarm call of a blackbird drew my attention to this Kestrel in my garden. It had just caught a newly fledged blackbird which it held in one of its talons. The weight of the fledgling was just too heavy to allow the Kestrel to fly off immediately, so it spent the next half an hour plucking and eating the bird before it flew away. The best shot I got was when it was on the patio, the plain dark background helping to emphasize the bird. I was pleased with the image quality of this photograph even though it was taken through double glazing."